Virtual Retreat (online session)

Align With Your True Life Purpose

Be the master of your own healing, around your budget and schedule.  From the comfort of your own sanctuary anywhere in the world, digitally connect to soulful guidance that refocuses and boosts your progress along your intended path of wellness. You'll enjoy the benefits of learning how to:

  • Reconnect and realign to your Higher Soul Self
  • Reactivate your natural gifts and abilities
  • Transform negativity into fuel for success
  • Master the art of self healing and mindfulness


*Energetic Clearing and Alignment of Higher Mind, Body, Heart and Soul

*Chakra Balancing

*Intuitive Recommendations and Guidance

*Supportive Follow-Up Care



Treat Yourself Or a Loved One to a Virtual Retreat Package to Save 10%

*Virtual Care Month: $400

         Receive a One Hour Virtual Retreat Every Week All Month Long

*Virtual Care Year: $1200

         Receive a One Hour Virtual Retreat Every Month, All Year Long

What Clients Are Saying...

"Sophia's trustworthy presence, human connectivity through holistic healing, and intuitive nature have guided me in my darkest and happiest moments.  Her process puts the client in the driver's seat, giving them the insight to understand and uncover the healing that is unique to their body and spirit. Each session has helped me break barriers on physical and emotional levels.  I highly recommend her Soul Care to anyone who is looking for clarity or energetic cleanse of mind, body and spirit." --Radha S.

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