Soul Care Retreat

Your Personalized Path to Wellness

Discover the bliss of creating your own wellness lifestyle, while receiving spiritual healing, support and guidance to sustain you on your highest path. Finally dissolve the negative issues/energies/patterns hindering your success.  Together we'll activate, re-educate and strengthen your whole system to help you heal within your mind, body, heart and soul.


*Energetic Clearing and Alignment of Higher Mind, Body, Heart and Soul

*Chakra Healing and Balancing 

*Intuitive Recommendations and Guidance 

*Supportive Follow-Up Care

Based in Daytona Beach, Florida. Serving the following counties in Florida: Volusia, Flager, Marion, Lake, Putnam, Seminole and Orange. Choose a 3 HOUR one-day intensive retreat or meeting bi-weekly for a month.

Price: $333


(Save 10% + Receive a 3 hour Soul Care Retreat every month all year long )

Price: $3595

Build your own wellness retreat- Choose your own self-care session topics or select from the sample package:

Session I: Soul Care Retreat 

*Enjoy a personalized sanctuary at the ocean side, allowing the healing power of Nature to reconnect you to your most sacred self.

Session II: Soul Sanctuary Care

*Receive guidance on setting up or enhancing a self-care space that maximizes energy flow and your potential for success.

Session III: Soul Food

*Learn how to create delicious meals that sustain a balanced mind, body and soul.

Session IV: Soul Health and Continued Care 

*Gain insight on how to harmonize your relationships with your highest self, your loved ones and others.

What Clients Are Saying...

" A genuine spiritual healer with a very luminescent and soothing persona. For my first session with Sophia's Soul Care, I received a spiritual scan that revealed vivid details about my past life, which clarified so much about this life. Divine guidance was given towards questions about my career and personal life choices. Spiritual obstacles were cleared from my path and abundance flowed into my life instantly after that first session. 

The knowledge Sophia shared about my diet, mindset and relationship with the environment has elevated me and brought me closer to balance and harmony within myself, with others and with my surroundings. 

I check in with her for a reading ever so often and they are always aligned with with what I am experiencing, and full of insight. I feel more at peace and clear about my decisions after a session..."  -Renee S.  

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