Sophia's Soul Care is dedicated to creating self-healing, harmonious living and community mindfulness through:

*Identify And Dissolve Barriers to Wellness

*Receive Support In Achieving Your Goals
*Balance Your Spiritual Lifestyle 

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Your Feedback Highlights


"Spiritual obstacles were cleared from my path and abundance flowed into my life instantly"

"A genuine spiritual healer with a very luminescent and soothing persona. For my first session with Sophia's Soul Care, I received a spiritual scan that revealed vivid details about my past life, which clarified so much about this life. Divine guidance was given towards questions about my career and personal life choices. Spiritual obstacles were cleared from my path and abundance flowed into my life instantly after that first session. The knowledge Sophia shared about our diet, mindset and relationship with the environment has elevated me and brought me closer to balance and harmony within myself, with others and with my surroundings. I check in with her for a reading ever so often and they are always aligned with with what I am experiencing , and full of insight. I feel more at peace and clear about my decisions after a session. Thanks for motivating all of us to be better people, Sophia! Looking forward to seeing all that you have in store to share with us."--Renee O. 

"Each session has helped me break barriers on physical and emotional levels"

"Sophia's trustworthy presence, human connectivity through holistic healing, and intuitive nature have guided me in my darkest and happiest moments.  Her process puts the client in the driver's seat, giving him/her the insight to understand and uncover the healing that is unique to their body and spirit.  Each session has helped me break barriers on physical and emotional levels.  I highly recommend her Soul Care to anyone who is looking for clarity or energetic cleanse of mind, body, and spirit."--Radha S. 

"Sophia is a gentle and loving spirit who uses her skill, gifts, and educational training... counsel, heal, and provide tools for empowerment.  She is who you want to work with if you would like a subtle approach to counseling (therapy), where you can speak openly and honestly (without judgment). She has formalized therapy training without the cliche, 'lay down on the sofa and tell me how you are feeling' approach. Best part, she is truthful without 'telling you' what to think."--Samantha A.

"Sophia provides a very thorough and revitalizing experience with her soul care work...

...She exposes things you were unaware of and allows your body to find its balance."--Tatiana M.

"She is an amazing healer and I recommend her to everyone"

"I happened to be downtown this past Tuesday teaching a class and a friend suggest I meet her afterwards at Mills 50 a place I have wanted to check out since they opened. This is when I met some amazing souls including Sophia. After a brief introduction and a little bit of info on her healing technique I told her I wanted a mini session from her and we did one there in the parking lot! She assisted my former husband into the light, released a family curse and helped removed a lot of blockages from this life and past life and raised my vibrations. She also gave me take home tools including self care for myself and my children. She is an amazing healer and I recommend her to everyone. We don't always know what is going on inside of us and having little extra help is needed from time to time."--Angie S.

"Shes the real deal, and highly recommended"

"She is NOT your typical money hungry psychic/card reader who holds back info. until you cough up more cash.  

She can genuinely connect spiritually in so many different ways. Whether it be channeling, card readings, communication with your guardian angels and spirit guides, removing negative energy or balancing your chakras you are guaranteed to leave feeling better about your life, and relieved, with all of your questions answered.

Conducts all of her readings with love and care and is always willing to educate. You will definitely leave in amazement at how effortlessly she can tap into her intuition and tell you exactly what you need to hear.

She has done all of the aforementioned for me as well as giving me insight as to who I was in past lives, and guidance as to where I should be heading in the future. She also cleared up physical pain from my ailing shoulder!

Shes the real deal, and highly recommended."--Marc S.

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