Educational Workshops

The Healing Power of Knowledge

Open the minds and hearts of your group with compassion-invoking classes aimed to restore and strengthen our connection to the Natural World, ourselves, other animals and the planet.  Each workshop is completely customizable to meet the needs of your group.  Welcoming ages children through senior adults.


  • Humane Education 101
  • Heal the Earth, Heal Ourselves
  • Eat well, Be Well (Guidance on Healthy Meal Planning)
  • Widening Your Circle of Compassion & Responsibility
  • Making Intentional Choices Everyday
  • Environmentally-friendly Crafts & Games
  • Altruistic/ Community Leadership

[Time and Pricing tailored to suit your needs]

What Clients Are Saying...

"Thank you, Sophia, for sharing your insights and for being a living example of how to achieve a compassionate lifestyle!"--Christian P.

'So informative and thoughtful...keep up the good work!"--Lori O.

"You were a wonderful change to the start of our class, thank you for spending time with us!"--Nicole W.

"Sophia, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak to our class!" Patti D.