Card Readings

Your Guided Path to Self-Understanding

The Soul has a language of its own, a wisdom that at times, you can't seem to access on your own.  Other times you may just feel the need for spiritual guidance, extra reassurance, or validation of our own intuitive guidance.  

With an intuitive reading you'll gain insight and inspiration to help you move past your ego, issues, and fears to achieve a higher level of self-understanding.

Connect from your sanctuary anywhere in the world via phone or video.  



*Chakra Balancing

*Weekly Care (7-Day)

*Monthly Care (30-Day)

*Soul Healing & Self-Care

*Heart-Healing & Love

*Life Purpose & Direction

*Soul Care Meditation


*1 HOUR READING:        $90


Treat Yourself Or a Loved One to a Card Reading Package to Save 10%

*30 Minute Soul Care Month: $180

         Receive a 30 Minute Reading Every Week All Month Long

*1 Hour Soul Care Month: $324

         Receive a One Hour Reading Every Week All Month Long

*30 Minute Soul Care Yearly: $540

         Receive a 30 Minute Reading Every Month, All Year Long         

*1 Hour Soul Care Yearly: $990

         Receive a One Hour Reading Every Month, All Year Long

What Clients Are Saying...

"...She can genuinely connect spiritually in so many different ways. Whether it be channeling, card readings, communication with your guardian angels and spirit guides, removing negative energy or balancing your Chakras, you are guaranteed to leave feeling better about your life, and relieved, with all of your questions answered.  

Conducts all of her readings with love and care and is always willing to educate. You will definitely leave in amazement at how effortlessly she can tap into her intuition and tell you exactly what you need to hear.

She has done all of the aforementioned for me as well as giving me insight as to who I was in past lives, and guidance as to where I should be heading in the future. She also cleared up physical pain from my ailing shoulder!  Shes the real deal, and highly recommended."--Marc S.

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