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Dedicated Values

*Cultivating self-healing and transformation

*Providing support in harmonious living with all

*Fostering community wellness & engagement

Founder Sophia Seeramlal, M.Ed., specializes in non-touch, self-healing techniques that remove barriers restricting your highest potential and path; harmonizing you within your mind, body, heart, and soul. 

Empower yourself with offered services including personalized card readings, care sessions, nature retreats, wellness education tips, and community-minded events

Your Personalized Wellness

What is Soul Care?

There are many ways to heal the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies that make up each of us.

In my experience, I've found Soul Care to simply be a way to harmonize all these parts of ourselves together again in alignment with one's truest self, and highest path of purpose and potential.

As this process looks different for each of us, the real question becomes:

What Does Your Own Soul Care Look Like?

My services aim to help you on the journey of discovering an answer to this question.  Together let us create a personalized retreat sanctuary for your deepest Soul Care. 

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Sophia's Care

A Little About Me...

Serving my community as a Natural Healing Intuitive reflects my deepest passion and life purpose.  From an early age, my heart has always cared deeply for helping others heal themselves naturally, especially animals and plants; and as a result, I've dedicated most of my life to pursuing wisdom in the arts of Yoga, Ayurveda, Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, nutritive Vegan cooking, and Organic Gardening. Along the way, I earned an honors degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Humane Education.  

My Soul Care Approach

In my practice, it is not just about connecting to the Divine within ourselves, it is equally about creating an intentional life of wonder, love and respect for the Divine in all. I believe that when we honor the oneness of all beings, we live in harmony with our truest, highest Soul selves.  This harmony is how a soul blossoms and thrives!

Our Journey Starts Here

A warm welcome to you- wherever you presently find yourself along your journey of life...

Perhaps you have lost your way and could use a guiding hand, or perhaps you are simply in need of soulful care. I am here to provide you with the sanctuary you deserve, where you feel understood and empowered to employ your passions at fulfilling your life's purpose.  Together we work to connect and align you to your own deepest potential, so that you may design a life of your truest values.

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A generous soul is ever-abundant in true wealth.  Your love donation continues our community wellness efforts.

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